Fiction Ideas

The Rich Lives of Imaginary Entrepreneurs

Creativity and Productivity

Welcome to my exploration of creativity and productivity, where I craft synthetic business stories set in novel science fiction and fantasy microworlds. My aim is to blend imaginative worlds with practical product thinking.

For Product Managers: I demonstrate AI techniques that streamline workflows for creativity and productivity.

For Creatives: I create immersive microworlds that highlight the potential of synthetic data and storytelling.

My journey into the future of AI begins with the concept of Platform, while I detail my execution approach in Productivity and Creativity.

You can see how I automate processes in Workflows from the sidebar.

You can explore my multimodal Stories from the sidebar. Start with a time salad, lie in an ocean tent or unfold an origami flower. Or maybe you prefer to relax with light therapy and grab a chilled beverage while watching an apocalyptic ride or interstellar intrigue unfold.